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Light Motif - Transforming a mid-century home with low ceilings

The three-bedroom, two-bath house had been maintained, but aesthetically it was “pretty bad,” she says, describing it as “dark, with low, ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings.”

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Verhaal Online Magazine

While we know that we need to turn work off more than we do, the reality is that we often have to get work done at home—be it personal or professional work. It’s important to create an environment that makes the time you put in at home fruitful and enjoyable, not frustrating. What better way than to create a space you love that doesn’t have to conform to traditional office environment rules....

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7 Types of Homes We Hope You Never Own (and How to Deal If You Do)

We’ve all heard of starter homes, trophy homes, money pit homes, but what about leopard spot homes? Or clone homes? They’re out there...

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California Home + Design

Match Maker

Interior designer Courtney Heaton mixes masculine shapes and feminine pops of color for a house that pleases the whole family....

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I was lucky enough to find Courtney eleven years ago and I have been using her services ever since. Over the years, Courtney’s expertise in decorating has created an amazing space in my home that not only I love, but everyone who visits. She listens carefully to the vision I have for each room and she always comes up with a variety of amazing products that I struggle choosing from because everything seems perfect. More importantly, she is patient, listens to the budget I have in mind and never pushes a certain look. I have come to the understanding as much fun as it is to try and do on my own, I realized there were too many mistakes I made that resulted in me not liking and ultimately having her step in and fix. I recently purchased a new home and look forward to spending many years with Courtney to create another beautiful home everyone will love, especially me.
— Nina